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New Post has been published on Destination - Gonna Give Ya Something To Funk OnWe are pleased to present the Gonna Give Ya Something To Funk On EP from Vladimir Sivc and his Funky Destination project. As it says on the package – with both the artist and title featuring the four letter word – this one tips the ‘funk’ scale. Crossing his native country of Croatia from east to west, Svic first took up singing and playing rhythm guitar before discovering turntables and DJ’ing on the move. He now travels through various styles while producing fresh music based around the use of live instruments. With an inclination towards the wild and groovy, Svic turns back the dial to rest on a retro feel for his new EP. “Brothers & Sisters This Sound Run Town” starts the release with the revving of a motorbike engine and boastful reggae vocals over rock guitars … almost too much cool for one song, but indicative of things to come. Other highlights include the energetic squeal of prominent sax, horns, and equally ernest vocals on “Mamma Used To Tell Me” and the unapologetic dance floor focused “In My Soul” with its sliding guitar licks and swoon worthy singing.
1. Funky Destination – Brothers & Sisters This Sound Run Town (4:13)
2. Funky Destination – Mamma Used To Tell Me (4:48)
3. Funky Destination – In My Soul (3:45)
4. Funky Destination – Feel This Song (3:53)
5. Funky Destination – Roll On You (5:00)
6. Funky Destination – Something To Funk On (4:19)
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Gonna Give Ya Something To Funk On by Funky Destination
New Post has been published on - BuildLos Angeles based Savcloud drops his album ‘Build’ on Cold Busted a savory, postmodern, and heady album with an inviting and magnetic production style and old school R&B influences. This album is completely fun, witty and interesting to say the least.
1. Savcloud – Chest (2:58)
2. Savcloud – Feel (2:23)
3. Savcloud – In Attendence (2:26)
4. Savcloud – Next Time (3:03)
5. Savcloud – Give It Up (2:19)
6. Savcloud – Otherr (1:54)
7. Savcloud – Sandringham (2:08)
8. Savcloud – Nottingham (2:03)
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Build by Various Artists
New Post has been published on - Transitions
1. Loupo – GettingThere (2:53)
2. Loupo – NostalGia (1:50)
3. Loupo – QuaSi-FoCus Feat. OldGold (2:09)
4. Loupo – VisceralTheory (2:50)
5. Loupo – ForeverHere (2:42)
6. Loupo – SoLITudeSeVen (2:59)
7. Loupo & Es-K – DreamStatED (2:22)
8. Loupo – SmokeBreak (1:50)
9. Loupo – SpacedOut (2:03)
10. Loupo – GarbagePailKid (3:35)
11. Loupo – 40KT (2:40)
12. Loupo – Shadow9 (2:16)
13. Loupo – Outro (4:28)
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Transitions by Loupo
New Post has been published on – Spontaneous Grooves: Episode 22Spontaneous Grooves: Episode 22. 22 of 24. Each release continues 4 weeks later and has a unique cover deigned by the artist Somepling. All 12 releases when combined form one poster design.
1. Es-K – AF (mantra) (2:17)
2. Es-K – CloudedTrichs (2:42)
3. Es-K – thewayweMOVE (1:18)
4. Es-K – LuLLa (ruff) (2:27)
5. Es-K – EOTOkimohno Feat. Loupo (3:23)
6. Es-K – REunion (ruff) (3:00)
7. Es-K – ColdCreek (Thick) (2:17)
8. Es-K – Three7 (2:51)
9. Es-K – Sundaze (2:35)
10. Es-K – From Within (Part 2) (2:16)
11. Es-K – Northstar (dreamstate) (3:04)
12. Es-K – hedshotz (2:18)
13. Es-K – easein2it (2:29)
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Spontaneous Grooves: Episode 22 by Es-K
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New Post has been published on T. - Funk Around the SunAthens, Greece DJ and producer mister T. has readied another ace album for the Cold Busted label — the appropriately titled Funk Around the Sun LP — and this one is sure to be in heavy rotation. mister T. is a master of instrumental, soulful, and upbeat dance floor funk, and this album further solidifies this fact. Retro party sounds get the beat-down with a playful attitude in twelve funk-tastic tracks, just in time for summer. It’s hard to pick highlights, but here’s a few: “Mo Style” has powerful vocals from the ’60s era that some may find familiar, but reimagined over funky breaks with rhythmic guitar licks, brassy horns, and soul organs. The horn section comes further front-and-center over the drum spatter of “Dig This,” with the addition of humor through a sparingly used vocal sample. Then, in the style of swing, “The Usual” is set to have people twirling about the dance floor in dramatic arms flailing, feet kicking fashion. Delicious stuff, primed and ready for the dancehall.
1. mister T. – Come To Me (3:08)
2. mister T. – Funk Around the Sun (3:55)
3. mister T. – Soulful Session (2:47)
4. mister T. – Practise Hour (4:24)
5. mister T. – Hope Saxes Come Soon (4:25)
6. mister T. – Dig This (3:28)
7. mister T. – Mo Style (4:04)
8. mister T. – Warm Days (3:46)
9. mister T. – Disco Touch (3:47)
10. mister T. – Swing in the Background (4:36)
11. mister T. – Swingin Around (4:15)
12. mister T. – The Usual (3:43)
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Funk Around the Sun by Mister T.
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